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Tips to avoid morning road rage

Americans are usually and most often multitasking which is very important since time is of essence. We usually never have time for our daily functions. The most important tip that I can advise everyone with this problem is simply leave from your home at least 20 minutes earlier than your normal time. This change will allow the possiblity of not getting stuck in slow traffic, getting your children to school on time, finding a parking spot to park at work and eating breakfast slow instead of fast. Protecting you possiblly from being late to work is vital. It seems we get angry because we are late and the driver in front of us is taking his time. FLASH NEWS YOU CAN BE DRIVING AT THE SAME SPEED IF YOU LEAVE 20 MINUTES EARLIER ALSO. With the new 25 mph law do yourself a huge favor and follow this change. If you follow this change it could also result in less chances of an: CAR ACCIDENT, RED LIGHT TICKEt OR SPEEDING TICKET. This my friends will reduce the stress, road rage and promote better work habits. Life is short, lets try to make the best of our simplest daily routine.

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