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Louies Tow Truck Equipmentnt

Inside the tow truck 

This truck is equipped with a stereo, air conditioning, a/c + 110 CC convertor for phones and laptops. It also has comfortable front and rear seating. Additional interior lighting from the dome in case you need to see better during the ride. Also it contains different phone chargers to fit and charge all make and models of cell phones in case your cell phone is dead. A portable booster box for jumpstart services in cases where the truck does not have accessibility due to height or snow conditions.

Outside the tow truck

Additionally, there is a A 200 psi compressor for air with a 25 feet air hose system. Also a 3 ton wheel jack + impact tire gun. Our truck is equipped with a push and pull custom bumpers. Additional front and rear flood lights are added to increase vesibility in bad weather conditions. A booster box located at the rear end of truck with a 25 foot booster battery cable for charging dead batteries. The 25 foot cable giveseasy accessibility.
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